The comsuisse group

The structure, which has been developed diligently, gives our business units full transparency and best scope for initiative. This results in seamless efficiency enabling to serve our stakeholders the best and economical way.

Comsuisse ATC Technologies AG, Zürich Switzerland
High Technology location / Swiss Engineering
Specialising on Development of cutting edge VoIP ATC systems and Command Center Technologies
Schmid Telecom Singapore Ltd, Singapore
Worldwide Competence Center for Schmid systems,
Installation, support, maintenance, repair and components for Schmid Systems
Sales South East Asia, Taiwan, HongKong, Macao, Japan
Comsuisse International s.r.o Prague, Czech Republic
Corporate functions, Bidding Office,
Worldwide Network / Modem Sales
Comsuisse Ukraine
Software Engineering
Sales Ukraine
Comsuisse Beijing
Application Engineering
Sales China
Comsuisse Delhi
Application Engineering
Sales India and region

Comsuisse International combines the group of key-players within the market of reliable voice communication systems. It includes all branches from consultancy, research and development of the most modern solutions to a world-wide network of subsidiaries which best serve customers at site.