Air Traffic Management Technologies

The Air Traffic Management and Communications division of the Comsuisse group, a division for safety critical, high reliable voice communication solutions combines a crew of engineers with long-term experience in the area of TDM based ICS 200/60 systems as well as key engineers and developers of VoIP technologies

Schmid Telecom Singapore PTE  Ltd, a member of the Comsuisse group,  is the worldwide competence center for the Schmid ICS 200/60 voice communication systems, and is enabled to adapt, enhance, extend and provide long-term maintenance for customers operating ICS 200/60 systems. 

Comsuisse ATC Technologies AG Zürich is specialising and focused on the implementation and development of cutting edge Voice over IP based systems. together with the groups bidding, engineering (hard and software engineering) and software development units.

The Comsuisse group owns a large stock of mission critical spare parts for ICS 200/60 systems as well as for the new VoIP systems and can dispatch application engineers, software engineers and project managers out of hubs in Europe, India, China, Singapore and middle east.